Affordable Studio Space

We have studio spaces available to rent all over Glasgow.

Whether you're looking for a small artists studio for only you or a large music studio to accommodate a full band of musicians, Spectrum have you covered.

We offer flexible leases on all our properties and our prices are the most competitive in the marketplace.

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Need a Studio Space ?


Need a creative space ?

Spectrum’s studio spaces are ideal for all types of artists who are looking to have an affordable base for their business/hobby. With a range of studio spaces available all over Glasgow with flexible leases. With natural light, soundproofing, and sinks available in selected units.

Need Parking ?

We have car parking available at most of our creative spaces and there is also unrestricted on street parking. We can offer parking for most large vehicles in most of our facilities. Just in case you need to load or unload any materials/equipment into your unit.

Messy Hobby ?

Here at Spectrum, we can help you find the perfect space for your creativity. If your profession requires you to be slightly messy at times we can find the perfect space for you. Whether it's paint, clay or wood shavings we have it covered. 

Perfect sizes

If you are a florist, potter, painter or tailor we can accommodate nearly anyone. We have large and small spaces available for one person or numerous people. We are extremely popular for bands looking for a permanent rehearsal space and/or to store any equipment.

Need advice ?

We will help find the ideal premises for you !

What unit should I hire?

Give us a call, and one of our team will help. We will talk you through different options and find a space to suit you.

We have properties all over Glasgow and have a large variety of units that cover all business types.


We Are Property EXPERTS

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